Summers End

It is the girls last day of Summer. I nanny them and we have had a busy and fun summer and I am so happy we got to spend so much time together. I feel like they have learned so much and grown over the past 3 months.

At the beginning of the summer the girls and I sat down and made a list of things we wanted to do this summer. Our list included a long list of new parks to visit, a few fun places like the animal park, and goals such as learning to ride a two wheel bike! Today since it was their last day, I asked them if there was ANYTHING they still wanted to do this summer. I was happy to hear them both say, “we have got to do some many fun things this summer and we cannot even think of one more thing we would like to do!” Mission Accomplished. Now our next mission is getting not just one, but two girls up and ready in time for the bus this coming Tuesday!

The girls are up resting and while they are I made them this sign for their First Day of School this year.IMG_4458 I think they will think it is pretty cool! I also love that their mom has a chalkboard in their kitchen, it is so fun to use for things like this, birthdays, and welcoming visitors! I love it so much that while my Hubby and I were at the Antique Market this past weekend I got a frame to make one for our house!

Here is to a GREAT summer that has come to pass, I cannot wait to spend next summer with these amazing little girls <3.


Pirates and Princesses

It is summer here in Michigan and while I am thankful that we usually are not nearly as hot as most areas, it sure has been a hot summer! I nanny two little girls and we have spent a ton of time in the water this summer. We are lucky to have a pool close by that we can frequent. This past week has just been VERY humid, the girls just do not want to play outside.

This morning the doorbell rang and it was the mailman. The girls and I opened the door and there sat a few large boxes. The girls got so excited about the boxes, and so did I. We were looking for something to do today, inside, that does not involve the T.V.

We decided we were going to go on an adventure into the sea! Those boxes were all the inspiration we needed to get creative this morning. Before I knew it I was scissors and tape in hand, I had become a ship builder. I was not building just any ship, I was building a Pirate Ship!

The only supplies we needed were:



*Large and Small Boxes

*Markers and String

We even used the brown paper that they use to keep the goodies in the boxes safe while shipping!

At first we build the ship and the mast and used a blanket for the sail, but the girls were worried that they could not “set sail” because they “did not have any wind in their sails!”


As you can see the pirate ship is pretty cool as is and check out those swords! The girls just got in the ship and started realizing all the awesome pirate things we could add to our ship. We made everything from the cardboard and packing materials that came in the boxes we found! It was a free and super fun way to pass a super hot day!

They even wanted to eat lunch in their pirate ship. So here we are eating lunch on the ship. The girls decided that the only food pirates could get in the ocean was fish so they had boiled fish, chopped fish, and mushy fish for lunch, sounds yummy right? EEEWWW! Lunch ShipEven if a variety of fish dishes are not my forte I woud say our Pirates and Princesses had a great day!