How I cut our Cell Phone Bill in HALF!

Have you ever accidentally broke your phone and needed to replace it? Maybe you dropped it in water, or the screen shattered. You are probably thinking well at least I have insurance! I know just about everyone needs a phone in today’s world even if it is just for emergencies. I mean when was the last time you have even seen a Pay Phone? You simply need a phone, but unfortunately have a phone is not that simple. They cost money, and they are expensive!

Last week, my husbands phone finally stopped working, completely. He works in construction and even keep his phone in his pocket can be hard on it. He was paying for insurance on his phone and has got a replacement phone 3 times this year. When he needed yet another phone I realized 3 things:

  1. Phones are WAY Over Priced
  2. Insurance is basically pointless after a certain point
  3. Our current phone bill is INSANLY EXPENSIVE!

My husband was going to have to pay $150 to replace his phone. On top of that he still was making payments on his phone that amounted to $57 AND he was paying an extra $5 a month for insurance. Not to mention he still had to pay for the plan which was another $85 a month, plus there are the “activation fees”, and he was only getting 2 GB of data! I decided that we do not have the money in our super tight budget for these crazy expensive bills and we needed to shop around.

When shopping aroumd I learned a few things:

  • The Big Three Companies Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are a HUGE RIP OFF!
  • These Big three companies have “sister companies” that use the same towers and service
  • These Big Three Companies will never tell you about these Sister Companies they have because they offer the SAME SERVICE for… HALF THE PRICE!

We decided to try CRICKET WIRELESS, because they are only $40 a month (and I was able to get this lowered) My husband will get a Brand New phone for FREE (or you can bring your own phone), and we do not have to pay any activation fees (that saved us over $100). Remember Cricket Wireless uses the SAME towers as AT&T, and they are owned by At&T. I even talked to an AT&T agent who told me that the only reason Cricket Wireless is less money a month is because it is their “pre-paid” month-to-month service. Well, now that there are no contracts with the big three companies, they are actually a month-to-month service too! I know what you ae thinking, “well, if you are paying month-to-month then your rates can go us at any time” right? WRONG. Once you sign up you are locked in at that rate! You can cancel at any time, and you can change your data plan at ANY TIME, even in the middle of your data cycle. We started my husband with 2.5 GB of data for $40/month but their best offer is 8GB for $50/month! If at anytime my husband thinks he is going to go over his data, or he wants more, he simply changes his plan and pays the difference! Easy Peasy! Also, lines do not have to share data, and for every added line, you will receive $10 OFF monthly!

Of course, there are mixed reviews online about Cricket Wireless but since we live in Grand Rapids which is such a major city we decided to give it a try! We will receive my husbands phone this evening and I will update this post to let you all know if we love switching to Cricket Wireless as much as I think we will! I will say the only downside I found is that Cricket Wireless will not buy out your contract, but I found out that NO ONE has a contract anymore. All you would owe your current provider to switch would be the balance on the price of your phone! We even got to keep my hubby’s number. I am hoping that we love this switch, I know one thing for sure, it is certainly going to SAVE US MONEY!


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