Achieving Our Dream on a BUDGET

So I know in my last post I had promissed I would go over How To Buy Flexible Foods and How To Make a Meal Plan You Can Use but I am going to take a small break from posting about all that fun stuff. I promise I will get back to that soon! I just wanted to take a time to talk about Life.

My Hubby and I are at such a crazy phase in our lives right now. We are trying to figure out our 5 year plan as I lothingly refer to it. We have been married for about 6 months this coming Janurary! As exciting as this is, it is also time to be done with the Honeymoon Phase and move into the life planning stage. I have been hinting at a pretty big life change we are going to experience soon for a while now, and I would like to share it with you.

In the next week (if all goes well) we will be closing on a beautiful piece of land, in the school district and community we love! 2.5 acres of old farm land with an old silo on it, next to a beautiful historic brick farm house, surround by miles of fields, to be exact! This is our PERFECT, dream loacation!!! It is covered in snow right now so it does not look like much but I am every bit in love with it covered in snow! silo

We will not be building our dream home on it for a number of years yet, but this is our first step toward making our lifelong dream to build our home a reality.

propertyLook at all that open space! It’s a far cry from the small city lot we are living on now. I just love how free it feels out there in the open. We never dreamed that we wuld actually be able to achieve so much of our huge dream in such a short amount of time, and believe me it is certainly a stretch as neither my hubby nor I make a ton of money. We are only able to make this possible because of some Extreme Budgiting and saving. I cannot remember the last time we went out to eat or spent any money on something that is not essential but when we make our dream a reality it will be worth every penny we had to save!

If you have a big dream and think you cannot achieve it because of your budget. Let me help you! I have found so many ways to save us hundreds nearly thousands of dollars! Check out my previous posts if you haven’t and learn where to shop, and  How we spend only $150/ month on Groceries!



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