If you do not clean this yet…You SHOULD!

School is back in session for the littles I nanny, and that means that my home cleaning obsession is in overdrive. I Love spending time with those little girls over the summer but man does it show in our house! We have recently decided to stay in our 1930’s craftsman fixer upper. This is both fabulous and not so fabulous but I will get more into that in another post, Why we decided to Stay. Right now I am going room by room and giving it a deep clean. Beware more cleaning post to come!

The other day I was in our laundry dungeon as I refer to it. It is in our not so inviting basement, that needs a LOT of work. I have been slowly getting this room cleaned and made into a place I am no longer weary to venture into to! I was washing a load of clothes and when I took them out they just did not smell fresh… That’s when I started checking out our front load washer,*** we have had LESS than 1 YEAR…and found this. washer-seal

You guessed it, disgusting, invading, mold! Please do not think that I would let things get this way on purpose… Our basement stays rather damp so we are sure to always leave the door open and pull put the detergent cup after EVERY wash. This was the detergent cup after I wiped it down a little. washer-detergent-cupI found the water does not drain well from the cup or the seal. If you have a front load washer BEWARE! Yours could be harboring mold in places you would never notice or think to clean! Luckily, it was all pretty ease to clean… I just wiped the seal down inside and out and got in all the little crevices with bleach. I pulled the trays ALL the way out of the washer and took them apart and wiped them down with bleach. I wiped the inside of where the detergent tray slides because that had a little mold too… inside-tray-2

Then I filled the bleach tray with bleach and ran the washer on a “cleaning” cycle.

I am happy to say that the next load of laundry can out clean and fresh!

Please do you and you family a favor and check your washer inside and out, take it apart and check it monthly. Mold can be toxic and oh so disgusting! Many of the new washers do not seem to drain the water well and you could be washing mold along with your families clothes. Eeek! It was so simple to clean and so worth it to have fresh, clean, and safe laundry 🙂


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