These Boots

These Boots, I often get so mad at them or about them for more than one reason. They are often right in the doorway when I come home and I trip over them. I have asked my husband to put them away so many times. He tries but often, after a long days work, forgets. These boots are ALWAYS muddy or covered in concrete. They make such a mess even if all you do is move them. The mud gets everywhere and gets tracked all over the house by the dogs and I feel like cleaning up after these boots is a never ending battle. Lastly, these boots are not cheap. We have tried several different brands and prices points to try and find a pair of boots we do not have to replace after 3-6 months and have had no luck. Ugh! I hate these boots! I often become upset with him and his boots. I just cannot understand how they are so dirty. After all, I don’t have muddy shoes every time I come home. I don’t have to spend money on new shoes every few months because I wore through mine. I just wish he would take better care of his boots! These are often my feelings when I see these boots…

WIN_20160807_100823But, it shouldn’t be. I should love these boots. These messy, muddy, always in the way boots. I should love them because they are my husband’s boots. He wears them everyday to work. He works a very physically laborious job as a construction worker building walls and foundations of houses and buildings. He is out in the hot 90+ degree weather in the summer for 10 hours and in the -10 degree weather in the winter. He works through rain, snow, and beating hot sun, everyday. To take care of us and provide for us. My husband is a great man and I often forget that all that mud being tracked all over the house in the hard work he puts in so that we have a house.

At the end of the day I need to remember to be grateful for my husband every day. I need to realize that I am very luck to have a man that will work so hard for us that he wears right through his boots in 3 months. That he is willing to work in the mud and weather to be sure we are both able to live comfortably and happily. I love my husband, and I’m beginning to love these boots, mud and all.


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