This Is Our Beginning

July 2016

My husband (this still seems so different to say) and I have been married for going on 3 weeks now. We meet at the restaurant we were both working at and man was he a jerk! To be honest our first words exchanged were not kind ones. I eventually became friends with a Anthony who happened to be my now husbands friend and roommate.

I would often go over to Anthony’s house and we would hang out and Wesley was always there, over time we also became friends. In fact we quickly became best friends, and start doing everything together. I honestly only thought we were friends but I have come to realize that men are not just friends with girls if they are both single, or have not know each other since childhood, Wesley liked me…a lot. This never occurred to me for quite some time and I even at one point told my HUSBAND that we would never date! Boy was I wrong!

Wesley is confident, persistant, loyal, strong, assertive, creative, caring, and under all his toughness so sweet. He liked me and he was going to be sure I knew. Every time I called him to hang out he never said no, I later found out he even canceled his plans just to make sure he never told me, “no” (by the way he does tell me, “no” now… often) can you believe that? We went on a few like two dates and they never really seemed like dates, then one night at a Jason Aldean concert he asked me to be his girlfriend. The word “yes” just kind of fell out of my mouth, I didn’t even realize how much I liked him and wanted to date him.

About 2 months into our relationship his dad asked him how serious he was about me and he said, “I want to marry this girl”-really he loved me that much? That quick? Then again he had already liked me for 2 years and I was oblivious. It wasn’t long and we started talking about marriage, and our dreams for the future. After two years and a few months of dating we were engaged on Thanksgiving day (This was the one time our family was all around, and he just couldn’t wait!) After 9 months of planing we were married and before we knew it the day was all over.

We have now been married for three weeks and I cannot wait to see what our future holds! I never thought that being married would change anything. Since we already lived together and had been for some time. There is just something magical and releasing about being married to your best friend. I am just so happy everyday when I look at him to know that we will be together and he is committed to me, to us. Here is to our new beginning and we are so excited!


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